What is HRT?

HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy

We are not medical professionals, so are not able to discuss this drug. We do have a view and thoughts on HRT of course. But, if you want to weigh up all the information before taking HRT the following paragraphs have been taken from the website www.patient.co.uk This is a comprehensive article on Menopause and HRT which details the benefits and the risks.

‘All types of HRT contain an oestrogen hormone. If you take HRT it replaces the oestrogen that your ovaries no longer make after the menopause.

HRT is available as tablets, skin-patches, gels, nasal spray or implants (which are put under the skin). There are several brands for each of these types of HRT. All deliver a set dose of oestrogen into your bloodstream’.

When you are experiencing the symptoms of menopause you have a choice. So rather like our advice on wrinkles or saggy skin- you can chose to enter into a program of self help through topical creams, a balanced diet and lifestyle changes along side targeted supplements or you can seek out medical intervention with surgery. Menopause symptoms can be approached in the same way. You can chose to help yourself naturally through diet, alternative supplements and vitamins, exericse and lifestyle changes or seek the help of your GP with drugs.

You can check out our topics on the Symptoms of Menopause for information, tips, alternative supplements and vitamins to ease the discomfort and to get you through the worst of it.