About Us

My brand dream - wouldn’t it be great if…

After over 20 years working in the beauty industry, chasing around the world for business and pleasure, I woke up one day and looked quite simply older. I guess some would call it the "Oh Oh No" moment.

Shocked is an understatement. I thought I was infallible, I’ve always looked after myself and I’ll never thought I’d be wrinkly or even grey.

I would be one of the ladies who grows old gracefully and always looks glam. As if at 40 Mother Nature had just brushed me with a few delicate laughter lines, fixed my skirt length a bit more modestly, done up a button or two and very gently eased off my 6 inch heels for something a little more stable.

Then at 50, 60 and 70 she would keep me looking fabulous, my skin smooth, my hair head-turning, my body buffed and polished, my make-up to date and not too scary for the grandchildren, my teeth, definitely my own.

Reality check - The coffee’s on wake up and smell it!

Mother Nature is far too busy looking after the planet, so care and attention are down to me! No good moaning about all those icky things appearing and growing on me – do something about it.


So I said to myself wouldn’t it be great if I could go on line (in the privacy of my own home that way I tell the truth and don't get embarrassed), share my problem, find out what it is, what causes it and then get some great advise to get rid of it and then buy some product. Looked but couldn’t find anything suitable so, cue beflattered.com.

I know it isn’t just me. Girlfriends all giggle behind cupped hands making the same comments. All women who reach these milestones experience the same things, just like our mothers did before us and our daughters will after us. Beflattered.com is the solution to our little shared health and beauty problems or old ladyisms.

So I hope you’ll find some answers here, some solutions and some great tips to looking glam and younger, feeling refreshed and energised and that some more of those spirit boosting flattering remarks come your way. Go on Beflattered…..

“Growing old doesn’t mean you have to look old”

So who are we?
A great bunch of fabulous, talented women in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – all of us have worked in the health, beauty and nutrition industry with a combined experience of... let's just say many years.

Our values
To simply find the best products, be them surgery in a jar, organic, aromatherapy, from the salon or from the Spa or a great pharmacy find. Getting older is no picnic and with increasing pressure for us to stay looking glam we put up our fists and tell the age clock “Game on!”

We speak your language and we aim to debunk the lingo making it easier to get your head round and make an informed choice.

We’ve asked specialists, professionals and those in the know to share with us advice, hints and tips and above all their know-how.

Our quest is to be honest and open and tell you what we and our team of users thought of a product. If we don’t think it works then we won’t sell it.

So if you have a problem that you want to sort out –maybe its personal and you’d rather not tell anyone - that’s OK. Probably what you’re worrying about every woman has gone through already and hopefully we can help sort if for you with some self help – or point you in the right responsible direction for some professional help.

Your opinion counts!
We’ve asked thousands of women over 40 what they dislike about passing the milestones, we’ve researched the problems, how to prevent them, in some cases cure them and in all cases improve them.

And if you’re over 40, and we mean any age over 40, what matters to you matters to us, so tell us what you think by adding your comments to our blog, face book or join our community for gossip and chat.