What are your options to get rid of or diminish Age Spots?

Your options to diminish Age Spots are many, from great promises in a jar, going to a dermatologist or getting clever with your make-up. All of course depend heavily on your bank balance, your patience and your pain barrier - Ouch!

So from now on STAY OUT OF THE SUN. This is a bit like crying after the milk is split but it will help prevent your Age Spots from getting worse.

There are a number of treatments available for Age Spots. Women who are troubled by these dark patches can consult with a dermatologist to find the right solution for them.

Artdeco-Mineral-ConcealerOne of the professional treatment options for Age Spots is to use prescribed medication to lighten them up. Creams that can bleach the skin over time are available by prescription only. Some of them contain steroids instructions must be followed to the letter.

A chemical peel can be used to minimise the appearance of Age Spots. This technique involves applying an acid onto the skin. The acid burns the top layer of the skin, which also removes the Age Spot. If a superficial chemical peel is used, several applications may be needed before the portion of the skin affected is significantly lighter. If you choose this type of treatment for age spots, you must use sunscreen when going outside to avoid exposing the treated skin to UV rays.

Derma-brasion is another option available. With this type of treatment the outer layer of the skin is sanded down with a special rotating brush. As a result, the top layer of the skin is removed and it is replaced by a new layer of skin. If you are considering this remedy for age spots your skin may be red have some scabs after the procedure.

Dermatologist HelpA dermatologist may recommend freezing to treat age spots. This form of treatment involves applying a freezing agent, such as liquid nitrogen, to the spots. Once the freezing agent comes into contact with the skin, it destroys the excess melanin. The skin then needs to heal and once this process has been completed, the skin in the treated area appears lighter. This option is generally used for small age spots or in a limited area. There is a risk of permanent scarring associated with freezing and this fact must be considered before the patient agrees to this form of treatment.

Laser therapy may be used to treat Age Spots. The laser effectively destroys the dark pigment in the skin that causes the discoloration without destroying the top layer of skin. If you choose this treatment option you will be likely to need several treatment sessions to get the results you are looking for. This treatment option is effective, but can be quite expensive.

Always make sure you check out any clinic or surgery you choose thoroughly and make sure they are registered with the relevant governing bodies.