Why do we have Eyebrows?

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the expensive draperies that make those windows look more inviting. Whether yours are thick, lush and dramatic or wispy, fine and delicate, well-groomed eyebrows are a must for a coordinated look and framing the face.

But have you ever wondered what your eyebrows are really for?

Eyebrows enhance non-verbal communication by emphasising and intensifying facial expressions. They help us show surprise, anxiety, concern, enthusiasm, and anger. Believe it or not, scientists have actually done extensive research on the purpose of eyebrows. Most seem to agree that they are an evolutionary trait that has remained because they help keep moisture out of our eyes. The arched shape, the directional hair growth plus the mild ridge of the brow bone – it all works together to prevent sweat or water from clouding our vision and irritating sensitive eye tissue.

As a bonus, eyebrows also contribute to our overall appearance. A nicely shaped pair can add to a person’s aesthetic appeal, while an unruly set could detract from an otherwise pleasant face.

We women spend a lot of time and money to maintain our eyebrows, opting for expensive laser treatments, waxing, plucking, cosmetic tattooing, and more. Experts who are well read on the issue of eyebrows also think that if our brows had somehow slipped through the developmental cracks, we would have compensated in some other way, like super-thick eyelashes or a pronounced skull ridge just above the eyes.

Maybe we have been cheated with the thought of thicker and more lush eyelashes but at beflattered.com we are rather glad we have escaped the skull ridge option.

Thankfully, eyebrows seem to do the trick just fine.

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