Foods that Feed the Eyes

One of the first signs that we are not as young as we think we are is a change to our eyesight.

Suddenly words swim around in a mist until you push the book, paper, computer further away. This is largely due to a muscle that becomes lazy but there are other more serious conditions that can develop and can cause long term damage.

Regularly seeing an optician will ensure that your eyes receive the correct prescription. But in addition opticians can also see from your eyes whether you are suffering from a health problem way before the symptoms appear.

Good nutrition combined with eye exercises can stop the ageing process and in some cases may enable you to throw away your glasses. 

Some foods are reputed to be good for eyes and indeed the same foods figure on many superfood lists making them essential for your shopping list.   However, you may wish to take extra or supplement your diet by taking vitamins zand minerals in tablet or capsule form.  If so, then please click onto your particular problem or topic of interest and you will find it in the shopping list.

First on the list are foods that contain Lutein and Vitamin C

Mother always said eat your greens and there is a good reason behind it. Spinach, Kale, Broccoli and leafy green vegetables are all a great sources of Lutein, antioxidants and zeaxanthin. Lutein is also found in the yolks of eggs.

• Powerful chemicals that will protect eyes from degeneration, eye diseases, cataracts and free radical damage.
• Lutein also filters high energy blue wavelength of light. Blue light is believed to induce oxidative stress.
• It acts as a natural eyeshade protecting the retina.

Next are foods that contain anthocyanosides and Vitamin C

Bilberries, blueberries and red foods such as cranberries and red wine (obviously in moderation)

• Reduces eyestrain
• Maintains the blood vessels in the eyes
• Protects against vision impairment
• Improves night vision
• Contains vitamins A & C to build collagen needed for regeneration

Chocolate but only if it contains over 79% cocoa solids - packed full of flavonoids

• Full of antioxidants to slow down the oxidative process
• Improves focus and concentration
• Protects the blood vessels in the eyes
• Helps to protect the cornea and lens


Fruits containing beta-carotene

Beta-carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A & C and in Apricots, Carrots, Mangoes, Sweet Potatoes

Yes – it’s mother again - who didn’t hear ‘Eat up your carrots they make you see in the dark" and we bet you have said or are saying the same to your children and granchildren.

• Protects vision especially at night
• Promotes good eyesight and sharpens vision
• Essential for healthy eyes

Oily Fish – rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids


• Choose salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel for instance.
• Protects the macula (area affected by macular degeneration)