How to measure for the correct bra size

You can do this on your own but it may be easier to get a friend to help

If you need support then wear the least constructed bra you have.

Take a fabric or soft tape measure and measure under your breasts. You must ensure that the tape measure is sitting straight on your back directly opposite (this is where you friend may come in handy).

Measure in inches, if it is an even number add 4, if it is uneven add 5. This is your band size.

Now again in inches, measure the fullest part of your breasts without squeezing them together.

To obtain your cup size subtract your band size from your breast measurement.

Same measurement = A cup
Plus one inch = B cup
Plus two inches = C cup
Plus three inches = D cup
Plus 4 inches = DD cup

For example:

Measurement under breast is 30 inches – add 4 inches = 34 inches
Measurement of breasts at fullest point = 36 inches

Your bra size is 34C

And onwards upwards