Good Posture & Bone Health

What is posture? What is keeping you upright?

You have probably have never thought about it. But there is a consensus of opinion that says people who look after their structure (skeleton and bones) age better than those who don’t. And, as a bonus they look slimmer even though they may weigh much more than another. As we have said before don’t just look after your face, look after the whole person.

If you see people bent at the waist, crunched up, bosoms meeting belly, walking bow legged or pigeon-toed then you may make an assumption that they are old and decrepit. But all these stances are the result of years and years of standing/sitting badly. The stance is so ingrained that it seems it can only get worse – but if you recognise the problem you can always make improvements.

But, let us look at the body as a structure. This is a basic framework of bones, connected to them are ligaments, muscles, cartilage and tendons. The point where they all come together are the joints. And this is where many of us have the problems that interfere with our posture and mobility. If we are stiff or lack mobility then there is a knock on effect throughout the skeletal structure. And from a cosmetic point of view looking fatter than you need to.

Think - if you hurt your finger, you will hold your hand differently (because it hurts), you will then hold your wrist differently, this will have a knock on effect to your elbow, shoulder joint and ultimately your spine and posture. So, even the way you hold a small joint will affect the way you move and throw your posture off balance. Multiply that by years of holding yourself incorrectly and you can see how it would affect you.
So try thinking tall, imagine a string pulling up from the top of your head, chin should be level (not jutting forward), waist is lifted and everything will be in its place. Have a sign on your desk/in the kitchen to remind you to stand correctly during the day. It will soon become second nature.

How can you look after your structure?
First of all look to your diet. Check that you are not eating/drinking calcium depleting foods such as: caffeinated drinks, soft drinks containing soda, excess alcohol, diets that advocate excessive protein intake.

Secondly ensure that your are eating a diet 80/20 – alkaline/acid foods check out our topic Acid vs Alkaline Foods for more information.

Exercise such as working with weights, skipping, walking and running if you are up to it, contribute to building up bone strength. You will also gain the added advantage of reducing fat and toning up muscles.

Stretch regularly see our link  How to have a Good Stretch

Looking after your bones and structure is a mixture of diet, lifestyle and targeted exercise. But, as in all our topics if you make small changes now you will save yourself from bigger problems later.

Ditch from your diet all processed and junk food. Check out our Food Pyramid for good, healthy choices with optimum portions daily/weekly. Also read our take on Age Fighting Foods for a list of all round Superfoods. Make sure you include calcium rich foods such as Broccoli in your diet.

Supplement your diet
Choose from our selection of Multi Vitamin and Minerals and select one that is specifically formulated for bone health.

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