Antaractilyne Plump3

What's in it?


How does it work its magic?

Collagen is one of the core building blocks of our skin, without it we would literally fall apart. As we age our skin’s natural production of collagen declines, collagen bundles become disorganised resulting in their diameter becoming weak and irregular and enzymes within the skin also start to break collagen down. When this happens, skin becomes less supple and elastic, so that when pressed the skin no longer springs back to its initial position but instead sags and forms furrows, culminating in the formation of wrinkles. But if we could stop collagen from breaking down we would be able to enjoy younger skin for longer.
This cutting edge formulation contains new Trylagen™, a tri-functional ingredient for an integral collagen treatment. This combination peptide complex not only includes Antarcticine, but also the new peptide discoveries Aldenine and Decorinyl.
Aldenine is a breakthrough super antioxidant that goes to work on contact with the skin to target those aggressors responsible for attacking and depleting collagen. Clinical trials showed that with Aldenine’s protection, the skin is able to naturally boost collagen by up to 300% in just 7 days.
Decorinyl, is the final heroic collagen protector. This peptide helps to support the supple elastic quality of the skin. In old skin the pattern of skin fibrils becomes disorganised, leading to loss of elasticity and sagging skin. Decorinyl works to keep skin fibrils organised and uniform so that the skin can maintain a more youthful appearance.

What does it feel like?

Bouncy and gorgeously moisturising. A joy to smooth over the skin. Instantly quenches skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and relieved of dryness.

What skin type does it suit?

All skin types but especially

Wrinkled skin to plump up and fill out
Dry thirsty skin
Skin with fine lines and crows feet
Lack of firmness and elasticity
Sunken cheek bones
Generally old looking skin
Those seeking younger looking skin for longer

If using for the first time we do recommend that you patch test any product on your neck just below your ear lobe or on the inside of your wrist if you prefer.

Anything else you need to know?

Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals was founded in Australia in 1998 and are one of the most highly dynamic cosmeceutical brands available that does what it says on the jar.

Surgery in a jar
Skin Doctors is not just your average skincare line. Products are referred to as "clinical strength skincare without a prescription". That means no fluff– all products are serious treatment products that provide real, visible results – and fast.
Maximum results, minimum time – that's the philosophy. Skin Doctors power-pack the formulations with optimal quantities of powerful actives for truly incredible results.

Look great at any age – Guaranteed!
All formulations are so powerful that they are often likened to cosmetic procedures –topical alternatives to surgery!
Skin Doctors are passionate about results, that’s why formulae are clinically tested to prove the claim.

How long does it last?

45 days approx - twice a day

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Brand: Skin Doctors

Kick your collagen into shape!
Antarctilyne Plump3™ helps restore skin’s youthful radiance and plump out fine lines and wrinkles for noticeably younger looking skin. Containing Trylagen™, a revolutionary tri-functional ingredient, made up of a combination of active peptides and proteins, specifically targets the appearance of collagen in both young and mature skin.

50ml  £39.95

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