Nelsons Euphrasia 30c

What is it?
A safe natural alternative  to conventional medicine which is safe for all.

Is is suitable for vegetarians?


How long should you take this for?

as necessary

How long will it last?

depending on individual requirement

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Brand: Nelsons

Euphrasia by Nelsons is a homeopathic remedy for eyes. It can help if you have a cold with watery eyes and a streaming nose. For when eyes are inflamed. For help with conjunctivitis, stinging pain or puffy, watery eyes at times such as Hayfever. As with all homeopathic medicines this should be taken regularly to be most effective. If unsure if this is for you or symptoms persist you should always consult your GP.

Dispensed from a great little click pack so great for the hand bag, small and easy to swallow too.

As Seen  £5.10

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Whats in it?

30c potency of Euphrasia officinalis