BetterYou BeYou Again

What is it?

A gentle yet effective formulation of herbs, minerals,vitamins,created to help maintain control, balance and well being during the menopause
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Unlock the potential ! Or make the most of your vitamins

Vitamins work in a synergistic way with each other, to ensure you get the right balance and unlock the potential of your supplements always take a Mult-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement as well. At we think you are wasting your money if you don't.

How long should you take this for?

To gain maximum benefits from supplements they should be taken for 3 months or more to really see the benefit – not a sales spiel a fact!

How long will it last?

30 days

What should I take? The manufacturers recommendation!

2 per day

Anything else you need to know?

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep out of sight and the reach of children

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Brand: BetterYou

Be You Again by BetterYou has been designed to help maintain control, balance and aid well-being around and during the menopause

60 capsules  £9.95

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Whats in it?

A blend of herbal adaptogens, minerals and vitamins formulated specifically for women approaching, during and after the menopause.
Peruvian Maca - used for thousands of years to enhance energy, stamina and sexual alertness. A natural adaptogen and HRT alternative it adapts to the body's requirements providing protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and a wonderful magnesium/calcium balance.

Magnesium – Nature’s relaxant. A natural statin this fundamental mineral relaxes blood vessels and promotes cholesterol maintenance and blood pressure regulation. Important for energy generation, skin integrity and brain health. Helps the body cope with anxiety and tension.

Milk Thistle – a powerful antioxidant to help protect  liver cells from toxin build-up. A wonderful natural cleanser and detoxer.

Agnus Castus - benefits the pituitary gland with a balancing effect on the hormones. A wonderfully effective herb used extensively by those suffering from mentrual discomfort as well as a more universally accepted alternative to Black Cohosh and Dong Quai.

Siberian Ginseng – helps the body to maintain energy and enhances stamina. One of nature's few adaptogens, it adapts to the body's specific requirements, ideal for life stages changes. A natural mood enhancer which works well with other herbs.

Vitamin B6 - the de-stress vitamin. B vitamins are important for the body's ability to control feelings of anxiety. They enhance red blood cell integrity and optimise oxygen uptake.

Vitamin E - helps mood swings and irritability. It also promotes skin health and ehances skin elasticity and collagen production. Comes only from a food source for optimum absorption.

Cayenne pepper - the health benefits of this wonderful herb have long been known but only recently promoted in Western diets. It enhances circulation and digestion, encourages the body's nutrient absorption and helps to maintain heart health.