Feet & Heel Balm

What's in it?

Vitamin E - an antioxidant that soothese, nourishes, repair, and protects against dry and damaged skin

Urea - scientifically proven to effectively moisturise and soften hard dry and callused heels and feet by improving water retention in the skin

Dimethicone - penetrates the skin to moisturise and relieve dry and chapped skin. Then forms a protective layer to seal in moisture

Peppermint Oil - cools cracked and dehydrated skin

Allantoin - helps heal, soothe and prevent chapped and chafed skin

How does it work its magic?

Within 3 days 

- delivers extra rich emollients into the dermal layers of the skin

-cracks are noticeably reduced

- restores lost moisture

- seals in moisture

- cools, smoothes and softens skin

With continued use

- helps break the dry and damaged skin cycle

- corrects dry, rough and chapped skin for soft, smooth, and moisturised skin

What does it feel like?

As you would image - buttery, waxy and super smoothing. Its serious about dry rough skin and so needs to be

What skin type does it suit?

Suitable for all skin types but especially

Cracked Heels
Hard Skin All Over
Dry knees and elbows
Anywhere that your skin is showing wear and tear

Safe for diabetics and ideal for use with pedicures, and on knees, elbows and cuticles

How should you use it?

Apply generously to dry, rough, scaly, hardened areas 3-4 times a day. Top tip - apply before bedtime as skin absorbs moisture faster and wear cotton socks to lock in  moisture, and also after showering as skin absorbs moisture more readily.

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Brand: Rosken

Visible effects in 3 days

Nourishes, repairs, protects and cools dry, rough, hardened and cracked feet and heels

50g  £5.95

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