Essie Hydro Masque

What's in it?

Aloe Vera extract
Spearmint Oil

How does it work its magic?

Stimulates and cools thanks to Aloe Veras and essential oil of Spearmint.

Aloe Vera Oil scientifically proven to stimulate and accelerate cell renewal and so here revs up tired legs and dull skin on the feet.

What does it feel like?

Super cooling and relieving of tired and aching legs and feet - use with cling film for a real salon treat for feet.

What skin type does it suit?

All skin types but especially a treat for

Hard Skin All Over the feet
Cloven Heels
Cracked Heels
Smelly Feet
Tired Aching Feet
Dry Toe Nail Cuticle Build Up

As with any new product, if using for the first time we always recommend a patch test first.

How should you use it?

This is best used after soaking your feet to soften and scrubbing to remove dead and hard skin. Then it can actually do some good work on your needy feet.

Scoop out a generous amount, and slather all over your feet and legs. You can take it all the way up if you like the feel! Leaving no area uncovered, here’s the fun bit, wrap each leg and foot with household cling film. Put your feet up. After five minutes gently remove the wrap and rinse off in. Then admire you gorgeous feet and legs.

Anything else you need to know?

The Essie brand was formulated over 25 years ago in New York by Essie Weingarten and has become one of the most successful professional nail care companies in the world.
A luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional and the problem solving. Offering a professional line of nail colours, nail treatments, nail accessories, spa products and cosmetics.

Essie has become one of the most trusted, iconic names in the beauty industry and at when it comes to the best for looking after your hands, feet and talons we think Essie have well and truly nailed it!

How long does it last?

Depends how often you use it - but it’s a big tub! -

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Brand: Essie

Essie Hydro Masque for feet is a gorgeously soothing and luxurious, aromatic and moisturising foot and leg mask. Feels just like dipping your feet into a cool hydrotherapy spa pool.

Hydro Masque by the nail professionals Essie, gives fantastic relief for tired legs and feet in need of some major TLC. Note best used with cling film!! Ohhhhhhh!

56g  £16.95

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