Pedro Callus Stone

What's in it?

German made ceramic

How does it work its magic?

One coarse side for serious sloughing and a smother side for polishing up rough skin

What does it feel like?

Rough one side and smoother the other. Easy to hold and use at any angle.

What skin type does it suit?

All skin types but especially a treat for

Hard Skin All Over
Cloven Heels
Cracked Heels

How should you use it?

Best used after a shower or bath when the skin is soft but dry. First deal with hard skin and calluses by buffing with the rough side with small light sawing movements. You can watch the skin fall off – its quite disgusting but shows the extra baggage you are walking around with.

The finish with a polish using the smoother side.

Always apply a foot cream afterwards to keep up the good work.

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Brand: Tweezerman

Send cloven heels, calluses and ugly uncared for feet packing!

This is a fab tool for buffing away stubborn hard skin and calluses. Two sided to deal with the rough and then smooth the skin on the feet.

A tough tool to deal with hard skin and cloven hooves quickly and efficiently leaving behind younger looking, gorgeous feet.

One size  £15.00

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