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Lose weight with a few smart diet swaps

Lose weight with a few smart diet swaps


What are Hard White Spots under the skin?


You may have noticed hard small white bumps on your skin and assume that you are dealing with whiteheads.They are in fact called Milia and are a type of cyst filled with the substance Keratin.

You’ll know them, because  unlike a whitehead that can be popped – these unsightly little things can’t.

How to recognise Milia.
Milia are formed when dead skin doesn’t slough off naturally but is trapped in pockets under the surface of the skin.    Over time it becomes a firm ball that when pressed can be a little bit painful. If you have had one you will know the distinctive feel. They can be on their lonesome or form clusters of white spots under the skin - particularly on the face.

When in clusters they make the skin look bumpy and uneven and are white or yellowish in colour. They can range in size from 1-2 millimetres. They may look as if they are sitting just below the surface of the skin, but although in the outer layers of the skin they are actually located deeper in the tissue of the face and seem to settle around the eye area.

Who is most likely to get Milia?
Anyone can get Milia, men and women of any ages and any ethnicity. The tell-tale under skin spots  can appear around the eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead and as the saying goes they are 'in your face' and sadly hard to hide from.

If you have recently had professional dermabraision, laser resurfacing, chronic sun damage, burns or if you have used steroid creams for a long period of time, all of these can result in Milia too.

Top up with a Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement see your choices
Fish Oils or Flaxseed Oil (vegetarian alternative)

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark) or Grape Seed Extract
Vitamin C or pre blended beauty oil
Eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants such as fruit and vegetables
Eat nuts and seeds for a good source of Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's)
Learn what to eat to keep your skin young
All processed food
Junk food Find out about the foods that age you
Caffeine and Alcohol
Never go to bed with your make-up on
Throw your skin a lifeline and exfoliate at least one a week
Learn to love the ageing you
Chemical Peel
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