Apicare Repair Me Calendula & Manuka Honey Handcreme

What's in it?

Certified UMF 16+ Manuka Honey from New Zealand
Calendula Oil
Aloe Vera
Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin E
Evening Primrose Oil

How does it work its magic?

New Zealand Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand and is collected by the bees from the native Manuka tree.

Manuka Honey is gathered in from bees that feed on the Manuka Bush this honey has been scientifically proven to have thirty times the antibacterial ability as regular honey . Locals have used Manuka to treat and heal wounds for decades and now its available to treat dry and chapped skin in this great formula.

Active Manuka honey is a natural antioxidant and helps act as an anti- inflammatory agent for sensitive skin.

It is highly moisturizing and helps improve cell regeneration

Hypo-allergenic and pH balanced
Never tested on animals
Active Manuka honey that has been tested and certified as Active at the UMF 16+ level
No mineral oils
No added colours in any of our skin care products

What does it feel like?

Rich and buttery leaving a little slip on the hands that you can feel but in no way is it greasy. Its actually hard to stop at the hands and feet such is the temptation to use it all over - and if you do that's OK!

What skin type does it suit?

Suitable for all skin types but especially

Ageing hands with dry crêpey skin
Dry cuticles and peeling nails
Cracked Heels
Hard Skin All Over
Cloven Heels
Dry knees and elbows
Anywhere that your skin is showing wear and tear
Craggy hands and hardworking hands will love this treat - especially men!
Gardeners and people who work with their hands
If using for the first time we do recommend that you patch test any product on your neck just below your ear lobe or on the inside of your wrist if you prefer.

How should you use it?

Massage into clean skin at least twice a day or when you feel the need. A little goes a long way. We think it works best on warm skin too as it melts and spreads more easily.

A must to use at night, to help repair cracks and excessive dryness while you sleep.

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Brand: Apicare

Apicare Repair Me Calendula and Manuka Honey Hand Cream is a super rich little miracle worker that helps repair damaged, cracked and overworked skin on the hands, feet, elbows, knees and anywhere that shows sign of wear and tear! Gets to work immediately and beavers away day and night to help repair your skin with a good dose of Manuka Honey.

70g Travel Size  £10.20
130g  £17.40

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