Does Dannii Minogue have Stretch Marks

Thursday July 8, 2010 at 11:33am

After the arrival of baby Ethan our bet is that the lovely Dannii Minogue will be back in shape and in her slinky glam frocks in no time!

But what about her skin? How will it have survived? Pregnancy hormones soften the collagen ligaments in the pelvis resulting in the softening of skin collagen also. This means that stretch marks form more easily.

This Works Stretch Mark Oil 
We're sure Dannii would have made doubly sure her skin was nurtured during her pregnancy but just in case she didn't we're sending her some This Works Stretch Mark Oil as although prevention is better than cure this silky smooth oil also helps to heal scar tissue and synthesise collagen and so promote quick healing.

This miracle worker uses 100% natural high-grade plant and essential oils such as super slick Coconut oil that has been long considered to prevent stretch marks and Rose Hip Seed Oil used traditionally to heal scar tissue. Combined with Passion Fruit Seed Oil (high in linoleic acid) for its skin healing properties and Gold of Pleasure Oil, which is packed with anti-oxidants and EFA's including omega 3 and you have a real skin saviour.

Click here to find out more information on Stretch Marks

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