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Lose weight with a few smart diet swaps

Lose weight with a few smart diet swaps


What causes Dry Cuticle Build Up?

Old-handsAs we grow older our body produces less oil by itself and so we do literally start to kind of dry up! Our cuticles show this very quickly. The good news is you can turn them around in a very short space of time with a bit of TLC.

Constant emersion in water also plays havoc with hands, nails and cuticles causing them to be dry and flake with dehydration.

If your nails constantly bend, break, split and break easily it’s usually because they are too dry or they have spent too much time in water. Perhaps washing up or even in the bath where your cuticles and nails have become weakened with water exposure.

This can also be worse in winter when the harsher cold weather robs our skin and hands of moisture.

If your cuticles are constantly dry, hard and splitting or peeling back it’s their way of telling you they need more moisture top ups and some help.

Health problems can also show up in the nails and sometime cuticles and if you have distinct long term problems that concern you go to your GP to rule out any underlying problems. In fact if you consult a practioner of Chinese Medicine he/she will always look and take note of your nails before diagnosis.

Top up with a Vitamin & Mineral Supplements See your choices

Enrich your diet with sulfur minerals found in grapes, cucumber & asparagus
Essential fatty acids from foods such as oily fish, nuts & seeds

Learn how to eat your skin young read Foods that feed your skin

All processed food
Junk food
Caffeine and Alcohol
Avoid alkaline Soap
Don’t bit or pick nails or cuticles
Take care of your cuticles
Wear rubber gloves for chores
Take breaks in between false nails if you can
Always apply hand cream at night 
Salon Manicure
False Nails 
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